Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Post Of 2011

This is my last post of 2011... I will blog again next year:) Haha sounds so weird to say that next year is in 2 minutes....

Friday, December 23, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Got The Job

The manager called around 12ish today and said that he would like me to come on Friday at 10:30-2:30. He also said that he wanted to do a job interview on the first day of work.

I am kinda nervous about the job interview, I have no clue what it is. But I am super excited for Friday!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Since I am living in town, I thought I would get a job on the weekend on Sunday. I always wanted to work at KFC since I was like 8 or 9... Why did I just say " I always wanted to?" I meant to say is I am wanting to work at KFC since I was 8 or 9...

I went to KFC when I was 11 turning 12 and was asking for a job. They said to come back in a year. well its been about a year and abit. I came and asked for a job even before I had my Social Insurance Number and a resume made up!

They said to come back with a resume and they will put it on the managers desk. I had to wait a day till I could go to Service Canada and get my Social Insurance Number. They said to bring your Birth Certificate to the office.

I went to the office and gave them my birth certificate and quizzed me what my full name was, my Mom and Dads maiden name was, or should I just say Mom's maiden because we all know that boys always have the same last name when they get married.

Anyways they gave me the Social Insurance number and then I went home to make up a resume. It was really fun to make up a resume:) After I got all the information on the resume, I went down to KFC and said that they would put it on the managers desk, and he would look at it tomorrow.

So now I will have to sleep on it and will wait and hear in a day... Mom said that it might be a couple weeks before he even gets back to me, I hope its not that long, I am sitting in suspense!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cooking With Brothers...

I have been loving my new house, I love the kitchen and I love to bake bake bake! I was making some cookies today because we were going to have company... So I was looking up online and then I found a perfect recipe, it said that it would make 2 dozen cookies or more...

So I read over the recipe to make sure I have all the ingredients... I copied down the recipe and whipped up a batch of cookies... It was time to add the wet to the dry and stir... 

So I have the beaters to one of my brothers and went downstairs... By the time I had mixed the wet and the dry together, my brother finished his beater, while I was downstairs looking for a pan to cook the cookies in... I went upstairs and saw Darcy and Tyrell in the kitchen and thought, why are they in here, are they looking for some lunch? They went downstairs and so I put the cookies on the pan..

When I was about finished, I only had a dozen and a half, I looked on my recipe, I did everything it said to do... The culprits came into the kitchen for some more dough!!! Then immediately I know that they were in the kitchen eating some cookie dough.... I will admit, eating cookie dough before cooking it is fun... I would I have to say that dough is better then the real thing! Tips on having trouble with your cookie dough disappearing, don't cook with brothers in the house!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'm Official

Since I was 6 and understood the meaning of money, I always wanted to be a cashier... Well 7 years later my dream finally came true... I am volunteering at the Ark and working as a concession worker and a cashier...

First I stock up all the drinks, candy, and food... Then do the dishes, make coffee, boil water, and of course fill the customers needs... The first customer I served was a hockey coach and wanted coffee...

So I went into the kitchen and got a mug and filled it with coffee and typed the cost into the cash register and put the money in....The only down side of the job is that I have to do the math mentally..

Like in most concessions have a till that you can tally up the cost, I have to tally up the cost and the amount of change in my head... I guess math pays off! There is kids hockey there so when they are on breaks or done, they come in and want to have Gatorade or Powerade, I can tell that they are hockey player by there little, Red, rosy cheeks!

I volunteer every week or whenever I need to fill in somebody... One of the girls are going to go to Florida in March for 4 months so I will be doing in every Monday and Wednesday!

I cannot wait till Monday comes!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Niece and Nephew!

We had the Grandkids for the weekend:)

Wedding Day

By the title you might think I might be getting married... NO I am not getting married it was one of our friends, I couldn't think of any other name to name it, so "Wedding Day" it is...

It was really beautiful... I got a nice view, no tall person right in front of me...YAY! It was only an hour for the service and a couple hours for the reception... They had the reception at a ski hill... It was really nice, Dad fired up the wood stove so we could have some REAL heat... Thats one thing that I miss...

Being in town we have natural gas for heat... At the farm we had this little cabin and a big wood stove and if we had 2 wood logs, we would've been sweating up in the loft at night...

The wedding couple saved their first kiss till their wedding day, it was really beautiful... The little flower girl and the ring boy were sooo adorable, they were holding hands down the isle...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'm 13!!!

Today I officially a teenager... I had a great time with my family and friends today... Now, as I must go off and put away my beautiful presents I have received... Thank you!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


I am finally back to my little routine, I have been super super busy for the last month... I have finished helping Granny move and clean...Megan was going to drive the truck, Mom drove the car, and Dad went and drove the U-Haul home...Tyrell and I were switching vehicles every gas station stop....  We loaded up the U-Haul and out we went out of Sidney, stayed a night in Super 8 Motel and out of the Motel at 6:00 in the morning to hop on the Ferry at 7...Well it turned out that the 7 AM Ferry was full so we had to wait till another Ferry came in and was going to Twassenn... It was going to come at 9 so we would've had to wait in line for a few hours.... Half an hour went by, it turned out that the 7 AM Ferry was NOT closed, so out we went on the Ferry.... We just barely made it, when we were all on, we had only 4 more spots behind us then it was officially full.... The ride was an hour and a half so Tyrell and I were taking pictures of us on the deck, taking videos of the sea, Sadley when I got home, I was putting the pictures onto my computer, all the pictures were highlighted without me knowing, and I saw this one picture that I didn't like so I pushed the button DELETE and I accidently deleted all my pictures... I had beautiful pictures of the mountains, The Fraiser Valley, Tyrell and I swimming, ect.. Pretty much my whole trip, I looked in my recylce bin to retreive them but sadly, they weren't there, you would think that they would give you a notice like ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DELETE 400 pictures??? Anyways getting off topic here...hehehe... We left the island around September 20th and got back on the 22nd.... I loved the travel and can't wait till I go traveling again:) When we got home it was around 6:00, there was an hour of construction on the Pine Pass Road... Craig, Steph, Darcy, and all of us went to Whitespot for something to eat and then we went home with a full stomache ready to unload the 26 feet U-Haul...Anyways we are all settled in and Tyrell and I are doing schoolwork and walking the dogs in town...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Garden Pictures

Well, I think we have to say that it is winter folks.... Last week it snowed but it didn't stay.... It is October 28th and only snowed once...That is pretty good.... I hope we don't have the same winter like last year. The Old timers here said that it was the worst winter in 50 years! My Granny and Grandpa moved up here, never been off the island before, tehehehehe they will experience 6 months of snow, and -49 weather.
Now, as I sit crocheting a Granny Square blanket and waiting for the now to come....

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Tonight Mom, Granny, Megan, and I are going to a concert....Megan's old cello teacher Kasha is going to be playing the cello and there will be a pianist.... It will be at 7 o'clock at the Church... I will take my camera  and do a post on it.... I am so excited...

I have my hair in curlers and will be taking them out an hour before I leave... It is very convenient living in town, if we were out in the farm we would've left at 6:00... Since we live in town we are going to live probably at 6:45... Just to be early....


And After

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Old Photos

I have been looking back on old photos and came across these...

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I am sooo sorry that I haven't been writing in my blog for sooo long... I have been busy helping my Granny pack! She is moving up to Dawson Creek! Mom and Dad have left the farm to help move the furniture and boxes... They are now in Hundred mile and are soon to be here tomorrow... Granny and I have packed over 30 boxes now and soon to be more:) Anyways I thought I would let you know!
Thanks for checking in on me:)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Off To Coons

Today I am going to go to Coons with Granny and her friends... Granny said that it is a very cute little town and attracts lots of tourists... I will be taking my camera:) We will be seeing "Goats On The Roof."

It is not a play its a store with ACTUAL goats on the roof!!! Will be taking a video and posting it onto YouTube:) I am super excited!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Into The Future

Must watch! And I thought smart phones and Ipads were cool!

" My Monkey Brother"

Galloping Goose Trail

Almost everyday Granny and I have been going on the Galloping Goose Trail. It is about a minute away from where we live. We have been taking about a 2 kilometre walks I think:)

It is really beautiful right now.... A couple days ago there wind and so the leaves are laying on the trail yellow!!!

It is really beautiful right now.... A couple days ago there wind and so the leaves are laying on the trail yellow!!! I need to take a pictures of it... These pictures were taken when it was nice and sunny out....

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Win a Rosette Headband!

Emma and Kaydee are hosting a contest and you could win a Rosette Headband! Head over HERE to enter this awesome contest!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Fiddlers On The Roof

Granny took me and her gals to Chermainus Thetre to watch Fiddlers On A Roof play... It was really fun. It was a 2 hour trip from here to Chermainus... We arrived at the theatre and looked around the shop.

Then the lunch buffet was ready to we went upstairs... I had some salad with croutons, and a little tiny corn muffin... Second plate I had a peice of chicken and some Alfredo fettichini... sooo good.

Then we went to the actual theatre and there were lots of people there. I was really excited when it started. It was a musical play and acting.. It was about a Jewish family were poor. He was the head of the family and that they had to listen to them...

He had 5 daughters and 3 of them were anxious to get married and they did... The father didn't really approve but had to later on, anyways it is really quite sweet and lots of singing,


I am officially up island....YAY!... The plane ride was soo fun I wish I could rewind it over and over, I said to Granny that I would love to be a flight attendant! When we went to the Grande Prairie Airport it was soooo windy it was almost blowing me away! Thank goodness I had my 20 pound computer case with me:)

When we were going to go to the boarding room, I had to empty out my pockets, take off my belt, empty my computer bag, and ect, made me feel like a criminal. With my belt off my pants were falling off so I had to hold onto it with one hand...

We had nice passengers one was an owner of Swan Aero! It was funny, as we were taking off in air, Granny was saying oh my look at those itty bitty airplanes and helicopters, they look like mosquito's!

Then the guy was like I own the company so he taught me everything about airplanes... I was up 44 thousand up off the ground! The plane was going 590 MPH. It was so weird coming up into the clouds, we went about 10,000 feet up higher than the clouds, it was sooo weird...

Granny and I had to lounge at the Edmonton airport for our flight to come that goes to Victoria. So I went to the vending machines and bought a snack! Later when the flight came in we went and boarded onto the plane...

That flight we had another nice passenger, it was an older lady talking to Granny and I about flowers ect. Anyways Grandpa picked us up from the airport and got our luggage and then went home.....

It was a very long day and would go on a plane any day!


I had to dress up as a little cowgirl for the parade... Daylin said that the color theme was pink! Yay, my favorite color of all times... I didn't get a pictures of myself but thats alright....

I was on the horse for about 5 hours, My poor little bum going up and down on the hard saddle, I had to suffer for the week... I went to the fair after the parade and oh I can say my bum was hurting ALOT, anyways before I get carried away, heres the photo!

Monday, August 22, 2011


"Tomorrow, tomorrow your only a day away." I think that is how the song goes, not to sure... Tomorrow I am going to go to Victoria with Granny!!! I am so excited, I get to go on the plane!

My flight isn't until 3 Alberta time so I will have to leave here around 10ish... Jesse is getting back on the 25th from the Yukon so I  will be missing him by 2 days! Just the day before I leave my camera has to stop working, and can't find the receipt anywhere!!!

Anyways I'm going to be taking my computer with me so I will be posting on this blog:)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Herding the Sheep

I decided to go on a nice little walk and just follow the goats and the sheep. Its so fun just seeing them eat the leaves, and climb up onto trees and all sorts of stuff. Here's some pictures of my little adventure.

I will be making a YouTube video soon, sometime since I haven't made a video in a very long time...

Me and the raspberries I was eating:)


Today I got a beesting, or should I say a black hornet sting...haha... Tyrell and I found a black hornet nest in one of Dads peice of equipment that I cannot remember the name of it... Tyrell came back and told Mom all about it....

Mom said if we wanted to we could destroy it so it doesn't wreck the equipment so Tyrell and I came back in a few minutes with a Garden hoe and some bug spray because we couldn't find Raid.

We hopped on the quad and decided to park the quad close and leave it running just in case we get attacked! So we attacked more than a few times and I was just screaming because a few black hornets were following me around..haha what girl wouldn't scream at a few black hornets chasing you around waiting untill you give in and get stung ;)

We decided to spray and hit it at the same time well, haha that didn't turn out as we planned, let me put it to you this way, a black hornet was on my hand and I didn't realize and then it stung me and that time, I realized that it had stung me...

Can you tell which finger got the whoops?


We went camping for the weekend over to Spirit River to see Megan since she was out that way tree planting. We stayed at the Nardam campground, it was really nice there... It was raining most of the time, but that didn't stop Tyrell and I for going swimming...

I was saying to Tyrell we should go and swim but he didn't take be seriously, he thought I was joking around until he saw me in my bathing suit:) We got outside and it was cold because it was still raining...

 I was told by my sister in-law that it is warmer swimming in the rain, so I thought that I was going to give it a try... it had a very nice dock out there so I ran onto the dock and dove into the water... The water was freezing but after awhile it gets nice and warm.

Tyrell put his feet into the water and said that he was not going in so he was on the dock looking at the tadpoles while I swam. later on Tyrell did a dive and went back up with his towels and stood on my towel getting in wet! I didn't realize that I was swimming with frogs,tadpoles,snails,shrimp,fish,Minos,beavers,ect.

 I was really cold when I got out, so I went inside and got changed into nice dry clothes, nothing better than being wet and cold and then being in nice dry clothes and not to mention having the blow dryer on full blast all through your wet hair:) I realized that I had to hang out my wet swim suit and towel somewhere...

 I had the greatest idea, why don't I hang out my swim suit and towel out on the tree... So out I went bare foot and all... I was standing out on a little mound of dirt BAREFOOT. I hung my wet clothing and then I looked down and realized that I was on a black ant farm so I stood there in shock and couldn't scream because most of the people were sleeping or watching a movie in the camp ground.

 I quickly dashed for the trailer and I closed the door and started to quietly scream so I did. Mom with a puzzled looked asked me what is the matter with me and so I just pointed at the feet and there were these little black ants crawling down my leg onto my feet onto the floor and so I had to kill them before they went somewhere we didn't know...

While we were swimming Tyrell and I found 3 beavers and so we were watching them swim and found their den... Unfortunately I do not have any pictures to show you because the other camera I was using is with Jesse up in the Yukon:( but I will download them as soon as I see that camera in sight! Knowing Jesse he might delete all the pictures... So I am hoping he isn't going to...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Fashion

Hey what are you doing here wedge??? I meant Shoe wedges

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hair Cut

Today I got my haircut!!! It was a huge cut... My hair was a couple inches down my waist so I thought I needed a hair cut...haha.... I should've had a before and after pictures but I was going to get a trim in the first place but Meg talked her into cutting my short...

Its soo nice;) BUT I have to think up new hairstyles for short hair with bangs! haha probably not because I could type it into google or YouTube:)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pictures Of The Week

Darcy and his buddies have been building a hunting cabin... They stayed for a week, so Mom and I were cooking up a storm:) they have the 4 walls up and 1 side of the rafters built...

They are not finished yet so they will be coming again to finish it... Megan is back from tree planting now... ...

Daylin just asked me if I wanted to be in the parade and ride a horse... She came out here last year to horse train my little cheeky chico.... I accepted so I will be dressed as a little cowboy girl....

The Fall fair is here!!l! Megan is going to take Tyrell and I on Saturday, so that will be really fun. Last year I was finally allowed to go on the DARING rides because you have to be a certain height to go on the rides or else you will fall off... This week has been officially SUMMER!!! It is really nice and hot...

Tyrell and I have been swimming at the spring... Darcy took us to the river so will have to download the pictures and have it in another post:)

Anyways thought I would you my little happenings in here:)