Sunday, November 13, 2011


I am finally back to my little routine, I have been super super busy for the last month... I have finished helping Granny move and clean...Megan was going to drive the truck, Mom drove the car, and Dad went and drove the U-Haul home...Tyrell and I were switching vehicles every gas station stop....  We loaded up the U-Haul and out we went out of Sidney, stayed a night in Super 8 Motel and out of the Motel at 6:00 in the morning to hop on the Ferry at 7...Well it turned out that the 7 AM Ferry was full so we had to wait till another Ferry came in and was going to Twassenn... It was going to come at 9 so we would've had to wait in line for a few hours.... Half an hour went by, it turned out that the 7 AM Ferry was NOT closed, so out we went on the Ferry.... We just barely made it, when we were all on, we had only 4 more spots behind us then it was officially full.... The ride was an hour and a half so Tyrell and I were taking pictures of us on the deck, taking videos of the sea, Sadley when I got home, I was putting the pictures onto my computer, all the pictures were highlighted without me knowing, and I saw this one picture that I didn't like so I pushed the button DELETE and I accidently deleted all my pictures... I had beautiful pictures of the mountains, The Fraiser Valley, Tyrell and I swimming, ect.. Pretty much my whole trip, I looked in my recylce bin to retreive them but sadly, they weren't there, you would think that they would give you a notice like ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DELETE 400 pictures??? Anyways getting off topic here...hehehe... We left the island around September 20th and got back on the 22nd.... I loved the travel and can't wait till I go traveling again:) When we got home it was around 6:00, there was an hour of construction on the Pine Pass Road... Craig, Steph, Darcy, and all of us went to Whitespot for something to eat and then we went home with a full stomache ready to unload the 26 feet U-Haul...Anyways we are all settled in and Tyrell and I are doing schoolwork and walking the dogs in town...

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