Sunday, January 29, 2012

I've Been Busy!

KFC job is going good... Really fun.... I started February 23rd and loved it... When I got there everybody was thinking, this is the new girl that is going to be working here, wow she is short!

They showed my around the place and taught me how to make sandwiches before the lunch rush... I had to memorize it because there are over 8 sandwiches and 3 wraps, But the wrapstar isn't that popular so I don't really have to worry about that.

For the first day, I couldn't toast the sandwiches that well because it was pushed back to much, so I had a few people toasting the buns... The Wicked Zinger and the Big Crunch sandwiches, are the most popular sandwiches there.

The first sandwich I made looked not that professional... Sure it was a sandwich but all the lettuce was everywhere, not enough mayo and my wrapping skills weren't that good... A month later, I am very good at it! I can wrap it fast, and I mean fast! I can make the sandwiches good and fast!

I've had a few 8 hour shifts, and I can say that they go by really fast. But at the end of the day, your feet hurt so bad! I've been on till quite a few times now, I had a few people that were cranky and throw fries in my face... I learnt that the customers are always right even if they are wrong!

I was going to be on drive through but I couldn't because the headsets couldn't fit my head so they said that they were going to order a smaller one for my head... haha...

Just a few days ago we had a health inspection, They are saying that we are going to have to wear gloves... The gloves are LARGE!! Not small, LARGE! I couldn't believe how big they were, we all have small hands!

We have to wear KFC hats and shirts, black or grey pants.... Anyways I thought I would write in my blog... Take care:)