Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'm Official

Since I was 6 and understood the meaning of money, I always wanted to be a cashier... Well 7 years later my dream finally came true... I am volunteering at the Ark and working as a concession worker and a cashier...

First I stock up all the drinks, candy, and food... Then do the dishes, make coffee, boil water, and of course fill the customers needs... The first customer I served was a hockey coach and wanted coffee...

So I went into the kitchen and got a mug and filled it with coffee and typed the cost into the cash register and put the money in....The only down side of the job is that I have to do the math mentally..

Like in most concessions have a till that you can tally up the cost, I have to tally up the cost and the amount of change in my head... I guess math pays off! There is kids hockey there so when they are on breaks or done, they come in and want to have Gatorade or Powerade, I can tell that they are hockey player by there little, Red, rosy cheeks!

I volunteer every week or whenever I need to fill in somebody... One of the girls are going to go to Florida in March for 4 months so I will be doing in every Monday and Wednesday!

I cannot wait till Monday comes!

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