Friday, August 26, 2011

Fiddlers On The Roof

Granny took me and her gals to Chermainus Thetre to watch Fiddlers On A Roof play... It was really fun. It was a 2 hour trip from here to Chermainus... We arrived at the theatre and looked around the shop.

Then the lunch buffet was ready to we went upstairs... I had some salad with croutons, and a little tiny corn muffin... Second plate I had a peice of chicken and some Alfredo fettichini... sooo good.

Then we went to the actual theatre and there were lots of people there. I was really excited when it started. It was a musical play and acting.. It was about a Jewish family were poor. He was the head of the family and that they had to listen to them...

He had 5 daughters and 3 of them were anxious to get married and they did... The father didn't really approve but had to later on, anyways it is really quite sweet and lots of singing,

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