Monday, February 28, 2011

Tyrell and I

Mom and Dad went to town to do some things that they need to do, she left me to look after Tyrell. So far so good. In the afternoon we did some schoolwork and a journal.

We did our chores that Mom asked for us to do. We went on our computers for abit then I went outside and just visited the goats. Right now I am making pancakes for supper and just waiting for one to cook... Its sooo hot in here, I will have to open up the door and windows!

I have this place spic and span, I cleaned it so its nice for Mom to come in and not do anything... Gotta go I smell a pancake burning :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Every Wednesday we go swimming with the fords, Tom, Shane, and Tyrell go off and play and I look after the twins, Sophie and Victoria because they are to young to go off by themselves, it is fun.

We all go on the diving board and do jumps off the diving board, I did a belly flop and it hurt so bad. After going on the diving board we go off and just go in the deep end of the pool and see who can touch the ground, its like 3.9 m and its deep. When you come up from the water your head feels like its going to explode!


Tyrell and I were playing Rodeo-Opoly and it was pretty fun, we didn't know who won because the game took so long so we ended up putting it away. When there is a lot of money in the middle Tyrell and I try and race each other to get it, I of course keep on getting it... The most I got was about 2 thousand dollars and I bought trophies ( in monopoly they use hotels) and so when Tyrell lands on my property he better watch out or else..haha

Monday, February 21, 2011

An Adventure With Kayleejenn :)

Tyrell has been very energetic these past few days, he went outside and went exploring with his dogs Shilo, Blue, and Justice... He found something very very exciting and he quickly ran upstairs to see me and was telling me all about his adventures, and how he found this cool den that really stunk.

And he found this cool footprint and this big huge tree he found that he can hug and can climb in the summer. He wanted me to come so bad so I went and got dressed up and went outside and followed him... Lets put it this way, a tour he gave me.

Homemade Everything

Tyrell has been making homemade Root Beer which he sold to me and it sure tasted strong but then again it is old fashioned, and he made some nice beef jerky which needed more sauce but still good without the smoker, we just put it in our warming oven and let it dry...

I have been making Corn Dogs, Onion Rings, Potato Chips, and homemade buns... I will give you a video tutorial if I can load it up on blogger, last time I tried that it declined me, I have upgraded blogger so I think it should work...


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday

February 14th is Jesse's Birthday, I baked him a cake and I couldn't find the right pans and I didn't have enough icing. It ended up being a marbled cake. Green,White,and Yellow. So lets put it this way, it didn't hit the spot... Here's the cake I made

For the supper Darcy brought Panago pizza and alot of dip, so it was a nice treat for Mom so she didn't have to bake any supper. You can see that the writing on the cake is quite slanted...hahah enjoy :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Town Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is town day tomorrow, I forgot to mention in the last blog post, that Megan went to go see the eye Doctor and got glasses, since we were there Mom booked Tyrell and I an appointment to see him tomorrow, I asked Megan what he did and she said you just tell him the letters and he has to put eye drops in your eyes to see in the back of they eye.

Megan said the eye drops really hurt... I wonder if I will cry if it hurts that much. Megan is going to come at 8:30 in the morning and I probably will have trouble getting up at 8 ish. I will pack tonight for town so all I have to do in the morning is put on clothes and eat breakfast and out the door I go. I probably have to do a few chores in the morning because some of the baby goats are getting rejected by the Mothers and so they are hungry most of the time.

Sometimes the Moms let them drink so I don't have to bottle feed so much. I finished schoolwork for today, it was pretty fun actually, I did more of the human body, Greek mythology, and french. We are just finishing up the second term and the deadline of sending schoolwork is February 25th. We are going to send it by mail this time because last term we did it by scanning, that was a lot of scanning and some failed and did not go so we decided to go by mail...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

And There It Goes

Well it took time and patience but we got it out running, well I shouldn't say we, Jesse, Megan and Dad. Jesse came up with a tractor to pull out Megan's camper. I thought it would be so exciting for Megan to travel and just sleep in her little camper. She is going to take it treeplanting this summer instead of sleeping inside a tent.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Baby Goat Shoot

I had a fun time going outside with my vest and scarf doing a little photo shoot, it was really warm outside, alittle windy but the sun was shining bright. We have 7 little baby goats in one pen and the other 2 are in the little shed that we built for the ones that are new.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fridays Surprise

For Friday night supper we had cream of broccoli soup, it was very delicious, Mom was painting all day so Meg and I were in charge of supper and dessert. Megan did cream of broccoli soup and I made date squares and brownies for dessert.

Jesse loved the date squares and brownies, which is very surprisingly because sometimes he is very picky about his food, Darcy on the other hand just kept saying oh Kaylee this is so good. I used a different recipe this time. Thanks Alise! Its a good thing I remembered how many eggs I am supposed to put in because I forgot to write it down!

When Meg and the boys went I quickly went and got baggies and packaged up the brownies and date square's for the boys lunch for tomorrow. Jesse said how much do I owe you? and then I just said oh you don't have to pay me for this.

We have new baby goats again, they were born last night and it was just starting to rain and snow, Megan checked the goats and sure enough there was babies, Megan came and said we have baby goats and were just born because they still had the sacks and after birth on them.

I quickly ran out and grabbed a cardboard box and put newspaper in it. The babies are quite small, they are about 2 and a half hands small. Here's some pics and a video..  Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Batch Number 3

Our goat Gazelle had triplets at 3 in the morning, Dad heard the dogs barking in the night so he got up and there she was, standing with triplets. Dad came in rushing and said "Mom wake up, Gazelle had little babies!!" We have a little box and have newspaper in it for just born babies because they are all wet and the ears will freeze.

I woke up and went downstairs to help Mom grab the babies, by the time I got down she grabbed all the babies, the last of the triplets was just born so it was very wet and hungry, Mom grabbed a towel and dried off the feet and ears. Mom and I just stared at each other because the little goats were very hungry and we pulled them off the Mamma goat, so I grabbed my coat and said " Come on Mom lets go and milk the wild goat."

You can click here for the information about Gazelle and here.... I was actually quite surprised how good Gazelle came all friendly the past month and a half and she let me milk her!!! That was the first time anyone milked her, although I have to admit she was a bit hard to convince of having my hands on her teats, she didn't really know what really is going on.

Mom and I bottle fed the baby goats and went to bed. When we woke up we had to feed the babies again because they were hungry, I was thinking naming the girls Petunia and Perennial... Mom decided that her and I are going to crochet some little toques for the little baby goats so that the ears don't freeze because 2 or 3 of our goats already have frozen ears.

When I was crocheting Mom went upstairs and grabbed one of her wool socks and cut them so it goes around the goats head to cover the ears and neck. I thought that was brilliant, I still have to make probably 4 more head bands or goat toques...