Sunday, August 21, 2011


Today I got a beesting, or should I say a black hornet sting...haha... Tyrell and I found a black hornet nest in one of Dads peice of equipment that I cannot remember the name of it... Tyrell came back and told Mom all about it....

Mom said if we wanted to we could destroy it so it doesn't wreck the equipment so Tyrell and I came back in a few minutes with a Garden hoe and some bug spray because we couldn't find Raid.

We hopped on the quad and decided to park the quad close and leave it running just in case we get attacked! So we attacked more than a few times and I was just screaming because a few black hornets were following me around..haha what girl wouldn't scream at a few black hornets chasing you around waiting untill you give in and get stung ;)

We decided to spray and hit it at the same time well, haha that didn't turn out as we planned, let me put it to you this way, a black hornet was on my hand and I didn't realize and then it stung me and that time, I realized that it had stung me...

Can you tell which finger got the whoops?

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