Friday, April 1, 2011

Good Pull There Kaylee

Look at me, I am getting taller by the minute! I'm almost taller than Tyrell!

I have been pulling my teeth out for as long as I can remember... I miss pulling teeth actually, I have them all out so that's when I go to my younger brother that lost 8 teeth so he had more teeth to go...

Tyrell was up in the attic just squealing very loudly.. I didn't know what he was doing so he said to me " Kaylee can you help me pull my tooth out?" Of course I couldn't resist so I quickly ran upstairs with my tools and started pulling.

He ran downstairs to tell Mom that his tooth was wiggly and said " Tyrell, I have pulled alot of teeth in my life, and yours isn't wiggly at all!" I did that once to Mom and she s aid the very same thing to me...

I spent a good hour in the mirror and finally it popped out and Mom was shocked and said that I was very good at pulling teeth and she thought that I would be the timid one and Tyrell pulling his teeth.

Well it was the opposite because he doesn't like pain in his mouth and doesn't want to pull his own teeth...

I was working on his tooth for a very long time... I put my fingernail down to his root and pull it, well my fingernail got a little chipped so I got some yarn and tied it to his tooth and went downstairs to the doorknob and slam it.

I couldn't slam the door because it felt like I was going to have the pain so Mom had to slam it and it didn't even budge because the string snapped in half so back upstairs pulling...

I asked Tyrell if I could have his leather men that he just got from Peavey Mart and was pulling... Tyrell said that he wanted it out because he wanted a little hole... When I was his age I lost all my teeth!

Anyways I got the leather men and was pulling and pulling and finally it went out! Whew what a big work but I got it and he was crying and crying and when I got it out I yelled " I got it I got it" Mom could hear it very loud and was surprised.

Tyrell cried for a bit and came downstairs. Mom said that I did a very clean pull because I got the roots out!!! As you can see in this picture it is very long...


  1. WOW!! I can't beleive you like pulling teeth that much?!

  2. i bet you just had the time of your life doing that hey kaylee??

  3. Are you kidding me!!! i barely could slam the door, I didn't actually MOm had to do that

  4. I think this is the best post!!! to funny!!!! Love Meg


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