Monday, March 7, 2011


Tyrell,Dad, and I played Scrabble and I didn't do to well. Tyrell won first place, Dad second and I well I lost... I used to be good but I never played in such awhile so I didn't do to well...

Anyways I won't be playing Scrabble for a very long time, unless Tyrell whines to me and says that he wants me to play. Dad is really good and is the best at scrabble ( I beat him like 2 times in my life) and Tyrell's strategy was getting me to play and get all the good letters and Dad not so good letters...

thats what I was aiming for
Tyrell peaks at my letters and told me to go there and I would get 10 points and I would be landing on the double word score so I would get 20 all in total... He set himself up and he got the letters that I used and put a big word on AND got on the triple and got like 50 points, that's the last time I'm listening to him!!!

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  1. Hi Kaylee! What a great blog! And of course I remember you...Megan is at our house right now watching our chickens :)
    Our girls always ask if they can come play with and your mom will have to stop by for tea one day, we would LOVE to have you!


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