Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back From The Hallidays

Yesterday we were invited at the Hallidays for a nice little visit. Its not very far it took us 15-20 minutes going up there. When we got there we went up to the main living quarters and visited until the kids came in from quading.

Tyrell and Tyrel ( yes same names, also my dad's name is Bryan and their Dad is Brian so Mom says My Bry whenever she talks about his in front of the Hallidays so we don't get mixed up) went downstairs and played on the XBOX called PURE.

It was a motorcycle game but I could only handle so much of watching it. Later Tyrell,Tyrel and I played pool, that was my first time so I sunk about 3 balls... I lost of course. I didn't know how to shoot the ball and aim so I had to practice alone for 2 minutes.

We got called for supper and it was really good, it was Marconi and hamburger with some sauce... Tyrell and Tyrel went out to go quading again so it was very quiet at the kitchen table. Brian ( not my dad the other Brian) asked me a serious question in a serious tone, if I wanted to help him milk the cow and asked how fast I can milk.

Of course I didn't turn down the offer because I missed milking to tell you the truth so my dad, Brian and me went down and milked the cow. She just calved a few days ago and the calf doesn't take much milk so we milk her just to take off the pressure..

They milk morning and night and Brian said he milked this morning and got 2 gallons... I thought there wasn't going to be much milk, apperently not, there were about 4 gallons of milk and when we were finished it didn't look like we milked at all!! Anyways I didn't bring my camera so I won't post pictures in this post....

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