Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hairdooing With A Side Of Sledding

The Fords came over, Tom,Shane,Victoria, and Sophie... We went sledding down the hill and it was really fun. It was fast and fun but we had to walk up and I almost wanted to just fall down, Luckily Tom and I were picked up by Jesse so we hopped up onto his trailer.

The reason why I was sooo tired was because Tyrell and I have been sledding everyday and walked about 5 km last time so I was sore. Dad said keep doing it and you won't get sore. When I woke up my back and legs were aching!!!

Anyways we played Risk and Apples to Apples, it is fun, I will do another post about that.... I did a half do to Sophie and curled her hair... With Victoria I just did braids because she didn't want her hair curled...

Oh and yes they are identical twins but I can tell them apart by their head shapes....

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