Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where Does The Time Go?!?!

Like I said in my title, where does the time go??? I am sooooo sorry that I have been necglating my blog... I have been super busy this summer... I will try and write again:) This afternoon we went to Grande Prairie and picked up my Granny from the airport, she is from Victoria..She is here until the 23rd of August and I'm going back with her by plane for a month!!!!

I lent my camera to Mom so that she could take pictures, and she put it down and forgot about it. Later she forgot where she put it down so we went looking for it.... I couldn't find it so I just kept my eye open for it.... We were going camping the next day so I thought that I would look for it again when I get back, because I still had to pack!

Later as the days go by, we were camping and visiting with Megan and her friends, Jesse who was looking after the place while we were gone came up and had a little chat with us... While we were going he said "Oh wait I forgot to tell you that the dogs chewed up your red camera and ate your camera chip! I couldn't help but stare and be in shock!

That night I went camera searching and decided to get a camcorder instead of a camera, because I take more videos than pictures and plus a camcorder can take pictures but takes better videos then a camera:) Mom said that she would replace the camera that equals the same price...

I was thinking about getting a HP HD digital camcorder... Later on I went to the store and got what I wanted:) I am really happy with it, I love it... The fun part is that the panel screen is touch screen so I am enjoying having that as well:)

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