Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Town Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is town day tomorrow, I forgot to mention in the last blog post, that Megan went to go see the eye Doctor and got glasses, since we were there Mom booked Tyrell and I an appointment to see him tomorrow, I asked Megan what he did and she said you just tell him the letters and he has to put eye drops in your eyes to see in the back of they eye.

Megan said the eye drops really hurt... I wonder if I will cry if it hurts that much. Megan is going to come at 8:30 in the morning and I probably will have trouble getting up at 8 ish. I will pack tonight for town so all I have to do in the morning is put on clothes and eat breakfast and out the door I go. I probably have to do a few chores in the morning because some of the baby goats are getting rejected by the Mothers and so they are hungry most of the time.

Sometimes the Moms let them drink so I don't have to bottle feed so much. I finished schoolwork for today, it was pretty fun actually, I did more of the human body, Greek mythology, and french. We are just finishing up the second term and the deadline of sending schoolwork is February 25th. We are going to send it by mail this time because last term we did it by scanning, that was a lot of scanning and some failed and did not go so we decided to go by mail...

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  1. hello kaylee... i cant believe that megan got glasses... i really can picture her with glasses! have fun at the eye doctor tomorrow... and dont worry... the eye drops dont hurt that bad... hardly at all :0)


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