Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Batch Number 3

Our goat Gazelle had triplets at 3 in the morning, Dad heard the dogs barking in the night so he got up and there she was, standing with triplets. Dad came in rushing and said "Mom wake up, Gazelle had little babies!!" We have a little box and have newspaper in it for just born babies because they are all wet and the ears will freeze.

I woke up and went downstairs to help Mom grab the babies, by the time I got down she grabbed all the babies, the last of the triplets was just born so it was very wet and hungry, Mom grabbed a towel and dried off the feet and ears. Mom and I just stared at each other because the little goats were very hungry and we pulled them off the Mamma goat, so I grabbed my coat and said " Come on Mom lets go and milk the wild goat."

You can click here for the information about Gazelle and here.... I was actually quite surprised how good Gazelle came all friendly the past month and a half and she let me milk her!!! That was the first time anyone milked her, although I have to admit she was a bit hard to convince of having my hands on her teats, she didn't really know what really is going on.

Mom and I bottle fed the baby goats and went to bed. When we woke up we had to feed the babies again because they were hungry, I was thinking naming the girls Petunia and Perennial... Mom decided that her and I are going to crochet some little toques for the little baby goats so that the ears don't freeze because 2 or 3 of our goats already have frozen ears.

When I was crocheting Mom went upstairs and grabbed one of her wool socks and cut them so it goes around the goats head to cover the ears and neck. I thought that was brilliant, I still have to make probably 4 more head bands or goat toques...

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