Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fridays Surprise

For Friday night supper we had cream of broccoli soup, it was very delicious, Mom was painting all day so Meg and I were in charge of supper and dessert. Megan did cream of broccoli soup and I made date squares and brownies for dessert.

Jesse loved the date squares and brownies, which is very surprisingly because sometimes he is very picky about his food, Darcy on the other hand just kept saying oh Kaylee this is so good. I used a different recipe this time. Thanks Alise! Its a good thing I remembered how many eggs I am supposed to put in because I forgot to write it down!

When Meg and the boys went I quickly went and got baggies and packaged up the brownies and date square's for the boys lunch for tomorrow. Jesse said how much do I owe you? and then I just said oh you don't have to pay me for this.

We have new baby goats again, they were born last night and it was just starting to rain and snow, Megan checked the goats and sure enough there was babies, Megan came and said we have baby goats and were just born because they still had the sacks and after birth on them.

I quickly ran out and grabbed a cardboard box and put newspaper in it. The babies are quite small, they are about 2 and a half hands small. Here's some pics and a video..  Enjoy!


  1. glad they all liked the brownies.... they are sooo easy!

  2. ya I know hey, it took me like 5 minutes to make because I already melted butter which was by a mistake lol, anyways it was perfect:) ps. do a blog post, missing out on your life here, lol


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