Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Tradeshow

I had so much fun at the trade show and being with Craig and Steph. Before we went to the tradesho, we met up with Craig and Steph and went for lunch at Whitespot. I had a fettichini alfredo I think it is called, not to sure but it was really good. For a drink I had rootbeer...

I curled my hair before going to the trade show... It was really super curly the next day!
 Darcy enjoyed getting his boots shined up, he bought a container because he loved the product so much! It really works good...

 Tyrell is rock climbing!!! He was really excited when he saw the rock climbing center.
 I got a pic when he was falling off the rock climbing center!!
 Me and my corndogs, I love their corn dogs and have to make some of my own again soon!

I saw alot of my school classmates at the trade show... There was this one friend who was sucking helium out of a balloon and was sounding quite weird with the helium voice I call it...

I cannot wait till next years trade show!

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