Friday, January 14, 2011


For Tyrell's birthday we went over to Craig and Stephanie's to have a family/birthday supper. Craig said that he has a great hill for sledding and is going to make some sledding tracks. When we arrived at Craig and Stephanie's we went sledding right away. I stayed inside just for a little bit with Katie. When we were ready to go outside we suited up.

Craig had a long walk up to the drive way to go to the hill so he hitched a little platform to the quad and all the snow riders pile up onto the platform and away we go to the top of the hill. I grabbed the orange calf sled and went onto the platform and up I went. Katie asked if she could go with me and I accepted.

She said that she will go in the back and I will be placed in the front. I forgot that if you are in front you get the snow all in your face, AND forgot to cover my face so of course I got all drenched in snow. I said to Katie " Do you want to go again?" she nodded so up we went again on the quad. We were stuck because all of the family was on the platform and the quad couldn't take it.

Craig called up Darcy to sit on the back of the quad for weight and the wheels gripped to the snow and we made it up half way until the front wheels gave up. Craig called up Jesse to sit on the front rack of the quad to see if it was going to make it up the hill.  Luckily with the boys weight we made it up. Mom was on the platform as well and laughed.

Katie and I went on the calf sled for a very long time. The calf sled was the fastest sled we had over all of the sleds. Second round Katie placed me in front AGAIN and of course I forgot to duck my head so she yelled " DUCK YOUR HEAD KAYLEE." so I did. We had went onto the deep snow and we crashed. I had a toque over my head and it went over my eyes so I couldn't see very well, so I stood up and Katie moved the sled onto the tracks.

Of course I couldn't see very well, so I tried to go onto the sled and slipped and fell. Craig and Stephanie went on a tube that can go very fast as well and Katie glanced at the sled and just grabbed me by the hood and dragged me down so the couldn't run over me. It was a little to late, I was ran over just by the legs.

We went sledding for a very long time until it was sundown. We went inside to warm up and dry our clothes and had a nice hot chocolate with little marshmallows on it. Megan, Katie, Alise, and I went to play "Life" we didn't really get a chance to play the whole game because it was supper.

We had turkey with gravy,buns,drinks, and chips. We sang happy birthday to Tyrell and had cake and he opened up his birthday presents. He was really excited that he got a gift certificate to Corlanes. It is a hunting store with all kinds of things for boys to be overwhelmed.

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